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About IHIG

The Indigenous Health Interest Group (IHIG) is a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in health-related programs at Dalhousie University. IHIG members share common interests in improving the health of Indigenous peoples and reducing Indigenous health inequities through education, empowerment, advocacy and research. IHIG aims to raise awareness of Indigenous health inequities while enabling non-Indigenous people to become better informed about Indigenous cultures and health issues. IHIG also assists in the development of culturally competent health practitioners and researchers, and helps to fulfill the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) calls to action. The IHIG Committees (Events & Outreach, Research, and Course/Curriculum Development) work both on and off the Dalhousie campus to achieve these goals.

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Our Projects

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medical school admissions & supports


indigenous art commissions


HRM Mental health resource guide


dr nadine caron keynote address

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 health and history presentation

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crossroads health conference

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worlds together panel discussion

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Cindy Blackstock and Philippa Pictou






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